About me

Nick: Edoo (pronounce like “Edo”)
Age: 18 years old
Country: Poland
Languages: Polish, English, German (basic, I don’t remember a lot from school ^^”)
Profession: Photographer
Interests: Reading, drawing, writing, listening to music ( mostly k-pop), sewing, hair, make up and fashion
Tumblr.: xedoo
I spend most of my time watching videos on yt, looking for a job, reading blogs and other boring things.
In the future I want to be more professional in photography and make a good portfolio. I think also about a make up, hairstylist and maybe a fashion designer course.
My secret “plan B” is to open a little charming and peaceful coffee shop, just to make people happy and let them enjoy their favourite cup of coffee in a nice place.
I have a lot of ideas but mostly I forget about them.
Sometimes I enjoy being alone then again I need to meet people.
I think I’m really complicated person and I can’t comprehend myself.
I don’t know what else write here, so if you have question – just ask and I will put my answer here.

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