Tulips on a windowsill


I really wanted to write post about my second order, but I can’t take good photos of it and I want to show you only the best so… please forgive me. ^^”
But leaving you without nothing it’s not what I want and today let me show you some photos which was taken when I had my beautiful tulips on a windowsill. :3 Yesterday I decided to edit them and now they’re done! I’m thinking about making once in a month a wallpaper and maybe post with monthly essentials? Little project is always okay an I think it will be fun! But I should stop writing and just show you few shots. :3 At last three photos I used homemade lens filters which are super easy to make! 😀
I hope they’ll bring spring to my blog and to your mind. ♥
tulipany4albp tulipany7albp tulipany9albp tulipany11albp tulipany8albp tulipany10albp tulipany14albp tulipany21albp tulipany22albp
I hope you liked them. I’ll really appreciate if you would leave me your opinion in a comment.^^ Tell me which one is your favourite and I’ll choose one person who will get fav photo as a wallpaper! :3 Also you can reblog or like it on my tumblr here, here, here and here.
I think I’m spending the rest of my day playing The Sims 3 and drinking yummy apple – cinnamon tea. ♥  Tomorrow I’m gonna work with my two friends at night in stock-taking at supermarket and I hope it will be fun. :3

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