Sleek MakeUp I-Divine Circus palette + blue and pink make up


Today I want to do a review on a Sleek MakeUp I-Divine Circus palette which I got from my lovely friends. ❤
So, let’s get started!
This is how packaging looks like.
I really like it because it’s bright and colourful, but let’s look inside. :3
And it’s our pallete! Beautiful red. ❤ It’s a little dirty cause cleaning it is hard so I’m really sorry for that.
It have big mirror which I find really helpful when you’re traveling, also I sometimes use eyeshadow applicator and it’s not bad at all. Palette contains 12 really pigmented, creamy and bright eyeshadows. 8 matte and 4 pearl/metallic. 
Here are swatches without eyeshadow base so you can see how pigmented they are. Only white one is pretty bad cause you need to use it a lot and it still barely shows up like here. (Between pink and yellow one, can you see it? cause I can’t. :c) But you can forgive them one simple white eyeshadow which most of us have in our home. My favourite ones are purple, blue, orange and yellow. Circus palette is perfect for me, I can make a lot of colourful and crazy looks with it but also do a simple everyday look (okay, I love using bright colours, you got me).
I made a quick makeup with this palette, inspired by my hair. 🙂 Sorry, it’s not perfect but I was in a rush and excuse my poor eyebrows. :c
I used two colours from Circus and white eyeshadow is from different palette. (I really need a blending brush! ;__;)
And here is full face! :3
I think it’s a really good palette and if you can buy it and just like me love bright colours – do it! (it’s limited edition so finding it can be hard)
I’m gonna buy more palettes from Sleek in future for sure, because they’re great! Maybe not so cheap but good quality. I have Au Naturel, Oh So Special, Candy, Snapshots, Lagoon and Garden of Eden on my wishlist, but… seriously I want all of them! ;o;
Quality              lapki5
Usage                lapki5
Pigmentation    lapki4  (because of white, and lighter colours need more work)
Colours             lapki5
Price                 lapki4
What do you think about this palette? Do you have any experiences with Sleek Makeup? I’ll be happy if you share your thoughts with me in comments! :3
Also I got a new job! : D I’m gonna be a hostess second time and doing surveys with people, it sounds boring but it’s associated with traveling so I’m really excited!
My second order from Aliexpress arrived yesterday so next review is in progress. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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