Little introduction + Flat top brush from Aliexpress

I’m Edoo and it’s my first blog in english and I want it to be my own place. Place where I can share my thoughts about cosmetics, make up and everything skin and hair related. Also I want to improve my make up, english and photography skills. Please don’t mind my mistakes and grammar because it’s not my first language and I have a lot to learn, but I’ll appreciate every suggestion, hint or help in comments.
More info about me? I’m gonna add it to page “about” so please check it out. :3
I think it’s good time for first little review! : D
I hope you will like it and if you have any ideas what should I change please let me know in comment.

I wanted to buy something from Aliexpress for really long time because it’s cheap, mostly free shipping and you can find a lot cool things. So finally made an order for 2 items, first is brush which came after 2-3 weeks and second item I’m gonna show you when I get it in my paws (probably next week).
I needed a foundation brush and I didn’t want to spend a lot money. I choosed flat top because I thought it would be best for me. Item haven’t any opinions, I risked and don’t regret.
Brush have syntethic hair and wood hand. Really fluffy, good quality and so soft, not scratchy. I can’t stop touching it because it feels so so good on skin. It came with few longer hair and little dirty, but it’s not a problem, just cutted them off and washed it.

After washing twice and twice uses not a single hair fell out.
It’s great for liquid/cream foundation but bb cream is more thick so I need to get used to it.
With brush I can hide my pores better and I think my face is longer matte.
After month or more I’ll update this review just to make you sure that my opinion is still the same or if changed – why, what happend? Also add photo of make up with brush and with my hands to compare.
Price           lapki5
Quality       lapki5
Shipping     lapki5
Usage         ratings5

But you must remember that it’s my second face brush so I can’t compare it to well-known/expensive/better ones.

Important thing – it’s not everyday minerals brush, just fake. (It was really cheap.)

Link to this brush: Click! (Everyday Fashion Store)

I hope you enjoyed my first post and you will stay with me a little longer. *^w^*




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